Tooth Colored Fillings

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Need some proof of the potential of Kaysville’s Dr. Doug Kimball’s cosmetic dentistry services? All it takes is one glance at these photos to see that tooth-colored fillings can make a dramatic improvement in the natural beauty of your teeth!

Replacing Silver Fillings

Traditional silver fillings (which eventually turn black) make an unpleasant addition to your otherwise beautiful smile. Lucky for you, these discolored amalgams are a thing of the past with Dr. Kimball! Tooth-colored fillings consist of a composite resin that’s as strong and as durable as silver, but gives your smile a more natural look. Tooth colored composite fillings are bonded to the teeth.  We work with modern dental techniques to remove the old fillings and replace them with the tooth-colored fillings. We clean the area and use a primer to ensure the area is ready for the composite filling material. We check your bite to ensure your teeth fit together correctly.

Why You Need Composite Fillings

Patients wanting to enhance their smiles will find composite material to be the best solution. There are no health risks associated with composite fillings and patients find there is less sensitivity to cold when they replace their amalgam (silver) fillings with composite material. The tooth colored material is used to blend in with the rest of your teeth, creating a perfect smile.

Just ask the team at All Smiles Dental for an appointment with Kaysville’s Dr. Doug Kimball, by calling 801-546-2636 or completing the online form to see if tooth-colored fillings are the cosmetic dentistry makeover solution for you! Not only with these composite resin fillings match your teeth perfectly, but they’ll likely outlast any old-fashioned metal fillings you’ve had before. You won’t believe the difference!

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